Hard Working, Model Employee

Hard Working, Model Employee
An ordinary person does extraordinary things!
On September 6, 2011, Mr. Chen Jin Hong sent Yu Anlin, a teacher from Suzhou University of Science and Technology, to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. On his way back, he found the cell phone of Mr. Yu was left in the car. At that time Mr. Yu had already changed the boarding card and prepared to board plane. Chen Jin Hong immediately went back to the airport and returned the guest's cellular phone. Mr. Yu was quiet moved. He would have had many complications without his cell phone on a business trip. He contacted our company to praise Mr. Chen Jin Hong. Mr. Chen went above and beyond the call of duty and is a role model for all his colleagues. We are proud to have such an excellent employee.
Mr. Chen Jin Hong earned the customer's respect and praise for the company and shows customer service at its best. We use Mr. Chen as an example of outstanding customer service for all our employees.
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