2011 Tsai Chin "Endless Love" Concert (Suzhou)

2011 Tsai Chin "Endless Love" Concert visits her 30 years of musical life.    Designated transportation supplier for this performance was Jin Hua Enterprise Services (Suzhou)Co., Ltd,  is a professional company providing vehicles for reception performances and government meetings. In recent years, it has provided vehicles and ticket services for Andy Lau’ Concert, Jacky Cheung’s Concert (Kunshan), Left-Lin-Right-Lee’s Concert, Liu Qian magic shows, Fei Xiang & Pan Mei Chen’s Concert, the Same Song Performance, 28th International Fishing Supplies Exhibition, TOYOTA’s Annual Conference and many other well-known conferences. Our company supplies the vehicles and tickets service.
For more information please call toll free: 4008878810 or visit us online: to book and purchase tickets.

Introduction to Jin Hua

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