How to make a car rental

How to make a short-term car rental

How to make a short-term car rental
You can call 400-8878-810 to make reservations.

You can also make short term car reservations on the internet following these steps:
Step 1: Register
Step 2: Short-term car rental --- departure city, car type, date, the number of cars, number of passengers
Step 3: Short-term car rental --- the type of the rental car
Step 4: Short-term car rental --- name list of the passengers
Step 5: Short-term car rental --- confirm the order
Step 6: Short-term car rental --- hand in the order
Step 1: Register
1. Sign in on the Home Page
2. Fill in the user ID and password

Step 2: Short-term car rental --- departure, car type, date, the number of cars, number of passengers

Click the button “short-term car rental”
1. Choose the departure city
2. Choose the type of vehicle
3. Choose the date, and time period
4. Choose the number of vehicles and passengers, then click “Inquire & Reserve”
Note: The number of passengers must be filled in.
Step 3: Short-term car rental --- the type of vehicle
Choose the type of vehicle you would like from the availability list.
Confirm the price, and then click “Next”
Step 4: Short-term car rental --- names of passengers
Check the order
Please read the agreement statement for short-term car rental (including the supplementary clause) then choose “accept” to continue

Choose the contact name in the list, or add one, fill in the name, mobile phone, telephone, fax, E-mail. Ensure we can contact you in case of unexpected occurrence.
Choose passengers, or add new ones, fill in the name, telephone, flight number and destination.
If you have any special requirements, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.
Step 5: The short-term car rental--- Confirm the Order
Fill in all the information above, click “next”, confirm the reservation information, and choose the way of payment.
Step 6: The short-term car rental--- Send the Order
If there are no changes, click “send” and finish your order. You will get the order number after payment.
Note: We will confirm your order by telephone, fax or E-mail. Then your order is completed.

Operating Hours ( 8:00 --- 18:00)
On holidays, there may be a few days delay replying to your order.

Reservation and Payment Deadline

Reserve at least 2-3 days in advance for domestic cases.
During holidays, to secure your journey, please send in your order and make payments as soon as possible. 

Payment or Guarantees

When the order is urgent, we will make a deadline for the payment. If you cannot pay within the time limit appointed during reservation, we will require a credit card guarantee. If both are made unavailable, the reservation will be cancelled.

The price we provide is the lowest of each item. Please check the price of your order.

Type--- Monthly, Cash, Credit, Pay Online
Generally, the order made online should be paid monthly or by cash.

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